New Maui Real Estate Mapping Tool

We just added Cluster Pins to make it possible to display more Maui Property listings and more real etate results!

  • A Cluster Pin will appear on your maps if there are two or more listings within a pre-set radius.

maui real estate cluster pin map search

  • The Map Search results have been expanded from 50 results to 500 per page load!
    • When Zoomed out you will see fewer clusters, and up to 500 listings for all clusters combined.
    • As you zoom in, you will see the pins break apart to form more clusters, each with fewer listings.
  • Clusters respond to your selected zoom level:

    maui property map search

  • This feature also includes Spiderfy for addresses with multiple properties listed such as Condominiums, Apartment Buildings, Retirement homes, Duplexes, etc.

spiderfy feature for maui map search


Howard Dinits has been a pioneer of technology and building e-commerce websites since 1999. Howard is now proud to be the first to offer this new Maui Real Estate web mapping technology. Our Easy Maui Real Estate Map search feature works on both your desktop and your mobile device.

Try it yourself and give us feedback

Howard Dinits R(B) can be reached by phone at 808-874-0600
or via email Click Here

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