Cheap Flights from Canada to Maui Air Canada to Kihei

OK Canucks, Candaians,
How’s She Bootin’er?

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You are probably thinking it is too expensive and you cannot afford to come to Maui or Buy Real Estate in Maui. 

I say Lose your bunnyhug and joggers. Grab yourself a swim suit and flip flops and Have a boo at Real Estate with Howard in Maui.

 Friends up North that do not like the cold and Enjoy what Maui US has to offer.

This Blogpost is for YOU. From ME,
Howard Dinits RS
Toll FREE877-434-6487 <– Canadian Friendly Phone Number

I keep getting asked how much does it cost to get to Maui from Calgary Canada.

Well . . . I did some research and if you are flexible with your dates I found Round trip tickets From Calgary to Kahului via for $500 Canadian Dollars

and Vancouver to Maui Direct 2 times a day on for $500
or better yet Got Air Miles???

You will find with your Canadian money exchange rate in the States, US,  United States of America your vacation will be inexpensive. What does that mean? You have more of your money to spend on investing in Maui Real Estate. There are great buys on foreclosure condos and homes in the Kihei Area of Maui. This is the most desireable location as it is home to some of the nicest beaches. So grab a two-four and enjoy Kamaole one, Kamaole two, Kamaole three, Charlie Young, Sugar Beach, and list goes on.

Call me today so we can get to know one another. I will explains the ins and out of buying Real Estate in Hawaii. It is easy to buy real estate in Hawaii if you are from Canada and not a US citizen. I’ll send you some listings and answer your questions timely. Then once you score a Fabulous deal on a flight to Hawaii. I’ll help you locate the condo or home you’ve always wanted, but didn’t think they were affordable.

Condos in Kihei Start around $150K and you will be glad you took advantage of our low prices.

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